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Budgeting for Cuba

Please utilize the following information to help you budget for your personal expenses in Cuba.

Personal Budget

Although most everything will be included, depending on your booked tour, we recommend mapping out a personal budget for anything that is not included in the cost of your tour before arriving to Cuba.

No matter what country you are from, don’t plan on your debit or credit cards working in Cuba. Cuba is mainly a cash country and if you plan for that, spending money will be a breeze for you. Please prepare to spend cash only and budget according to your spending habits.

You are free to bring as much cash as you please, but you are required to claim anything over $5,000 USD on your customs form. United States citizens need to exchange USD to CUP at the Havana airport upon arrival, yet persons of other nationalities may exchange in their home country.

The best currencies to exchange upon arrival are Euro, Canadian Dollars, or USD.

Remember, you will not need to budget for anything in the “Included” section of your booked tour description, nor the transportation to any of those experiences/excursions. You will only need to budget for the items found below that are not included in your tour.

Important Note: Each price quoted below is an approximate, based on the average value of USD in Cuba. Currently, the exchange rate is about 120 CUP to 1 USD, which is the exchange rate at the bank in Cuba.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

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