Who Is Gardner Tours?

Gardner Tours is a hospitality company that just so happens to be in tourism, giving travelers unforgettable, high quality, private experiences in incredible destinations via storytelling and our personal touches of hospitality.

Colby Gardner owner of Gardner Tours wearing a shirt that matches the car color while sitting in a turquoise 1954 Mercury Convertible in Havana Cuba

Where It All Began...

Colby Gardner, owner and guide, grew up on a farm in Texas where his family settled almost 200 years ago. Loving his culture and the stories of those that make it vibrant, he learned to cherish each person and their stories as an integral part of that culture. Years later, as he traveled the globe, he carried those values with him, and as he encountered new cultures and built new relationships, he began to put all of their stories together. Eventually, knowledge of his experience and deeply rooted relationships spread. After sending numerous friends and family on private vacations to the people and places he connected with the most, someone suggested, “With all of that experience, you should start your own travel company!”

As a hospitality company built on family values, we guarantee to serve you wholeheartedly, and will take care of you like family along the way.

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We are proud to serve travelers from all over the world. Our travelers have been from the USA, Cuba, Sweden, Finland, Greece, Canada, Turkey, Slovenia, United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, France, Poland, Mexico, China, Thailand, Syria, Costa Rica, India, Russia, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Kazakhstan, Nigeria, and on! See what they had to say…

A sweet couple on their Luxury Cuba Tour wearing matching white outfits and laughing while enjoying the sunset at the Los Jazmines Viewpoint overlooking the Vinales Valley in Vinales Cuba

Scott & Dawn N.

Custom Cuba Luxury Tour

“Gardner Tours designed a luxurious tour that was beyond our dreams. The people, ambiance, scenery, nature, guide, the entire experience was BEYOND!”

Gardner Tours Cuba Tours Custom Cuba Tour 5 Star TripAdvisor Review by Lilia Sherlygina family standing in Tobacco Fields in Vinales Cuba

Lilia S.

Custom Cuba Tour

“We were able to totally relax and enjoy our wonderful new experience. Every single day of our 11 day journey was a different unforgettable adventure...”

Gardner Tours Cuba Tours Classic Cuba Tour 5 Star TripAdvisor Review by the Klosterman Family standing together for a family photo in Vinales Cuba

Klosterman Family

Classic Cuba Tour

“We got back yesterday after a 6 day tour with our three boys (ages 11, 8, 5), and I can say with 100% certainty, yes you can go, and yes - I felt 100% safe at all times. ...”

Gardner Tours Cuba Tours Havana Long Weekend Tour 5 Star TripAdvisor Review by Harim and Stephanie Kim who are sitting on the malecon across from the El Morro Castle

Harim & Stephanie K.

Havana Long Weekend Tour

“Southern hospitality in Cuba! I really appreciate making our trip to Cuba a trip of a lifetime. It was beyond just a sightseeing or cookie cutter experience...”

Gardner Tours Cuba Tours Custom Cuba Tour 5 Star TripAdvisor Review Hochart Boys

Kris & Crockett H.

Custom Cuba Tour

“We loved getting off the beaten path. Gardner Tours has a knack for getting you to places that are not on the ‘typical tour.’ For instance, instead of staying...”

Gardner Tours Cuba Tours Premium Cuba Cigar Tour 5 Star TripAdvisor Review by Jeff Baranowski riding in a classic car in Havana at sunset

Jeff B.

Premium Cuba Cigar Tour

“This was a cigar aficionado's dream tour! I simply can’t say enough about what a fantastic time I had! The flow was laid back and I never felt rushed...”

Gardner Tours Cuba Tours Custom Cuba Tour 5 Star TripAdvisor Review by Molly Wren riding in red classic convertible car

Molly W.

Custom Cuba Tour

“Everything about this trip was AMAZING! The attention to detail by Gardner Tours went above and beyond. Every adventure, every meal, every moment.”

Gardner Tours Cuba Tours Man drinking Cuban Mojito and Smoking a Cuban Cigar at a Rooftop Bar in Havana Cuba

Charles C.

Premium Cuba Cigar Tour

“The most stressful decision of the trip was deciding which cigar I wanted to smoke next! I can't recommend Gardner Tours enough...”

Gardner Tours Cuba Tours Custom Havana Luxury Tour Couple posing for an elegant photo and Enjoying one another before a 5 star dinner in Havana Cuba

John & Nancy E.

Custom Havana Luxury Tour

“This was a custom tour, personalized to our interests. Gardner Tours was very accommodating throughout the process. Also noteworthy was that...”

Gardner Tours Cuba Tours Couple Posing at the Viewpoint of Vinales Valley in Cuba

Nick & Eilika

Custom Cuba

“As soon as we made contact, Gardner Tours made us feel welcome and accommodated our travel requests. We travelled around Cuba from Havana to...”

Gardner Tours Custom Cuba Tour Group of Men hanging out and smoking cigars on a Tobacco Farm in Vinales Cuba

Jordan. J.

Custom Cuba Tour

“Gardner Tours gives you the ground level documentary that tells the rich history with all the sights, smells and adventure. It was outstanding in every capacity....”

Gardner Tours Premium Cuba Cigar Tour Two Men dressed nicely and smoking cigars at the Viewpoint over Vinales Valley in Vinales Cuba

Mark & Todd

Premium Cuba Cigar Tour

“What a way to experience Cuba! The trip was excellent from the beginning to the end. Everything far exceeded our expectations.... We will not hesitate to return with...”

Gardner Tours Custom Cuba Tour Large Group of Professional Tour Guides all together in front of a painted door with a gorilla in Old Havana Cuba

Shawn S.

Custom Cuba Tour

“This expert was awed! As the Executive Director of an adventure tour company, I scoured the globe for an organization that I could entrust all of my guides...”

Gardner Tours Custom Cuba Tour with a Young Red Headed Man playing Dominoes and smiling in his blue shirt

Dylan W.

Custom Cuba Tour

“This is my second time in Cuba with Gardner Tours and I can almost guarantee it won’t be my last. They know exactly how to tailor an experience... 10/10.”

Gardner Tours Custom Havana Day Tour Couple standing in front of a Blue 1954 Mercury in Havana Cuba

Jamie L.

Custom Havana Day Tour

“Gardner Tours curated a perfect custom itinerary for our tour of Havana, Cuba and it was Yedi’s delivery of the actual day that made it most memorable....”

Gardner Tours Custom Cuba Tours Young Woman smiling as she grinds coffee in Vinales Cuba

Brittany G.

Custom Cuba Tour

“The Best Way to Travel to Cuba! The guides have a deep love for Cuba and share that passion through their service. Our group got an incredible hands-on...”

Gardner Tours Custom Cuba Tours Young Woman Holding her Camera as she stands in front of the sunset on El Morro Castle overlooking Havana

Riah S.

Custom Cuba Tour

“Five words: one for each star. Knowledgeable. Amazing. Crafted. Personal. Memorable. Gardner Tours knows how to treat you to an amazing experience that is...”

Gardner Tours Havana Day Tours Family in Colorful Clothes in front of the Cathedral of Havana

Andrea B. & Family

Havana Day Tour

“Not only did our guide check in with us as our tour was approaching, ... I would ABSOLUTELY recommend Gardner Tours for any Cuba Tour and anywhere else...”

Gardner Tours Beautiful Couple Holding Mojitos at their Cocktail Lesson in Havana Cuba

Robby & Sheila

Havana Long Weekend Tour

“The few days in Havana made me remember why I love traveling so much! To a certain extent, the fascinating history of Cuba speaks for itself, but..”

Gardner Tours Custom Cuba Tours Red Headed Man smiling in the Plaza of the Cathedral in Old Havana, Cuba

Brent R.

Custom Cuba Tour

“Takes any possible anxiety about traveling to Cuba out of the picture... and are so well connected in the communities that you feel like part of the family...”

Gardner Tours Custom Cuba Tour Young Black Man with a Grey Hat Smiling

Ebube E.

Custom Cuba Tour

“I was hesitant of entering Cuba as I wasn't familiar with the culture or the language. My guide was great in ... creating an authentic Cuban experience...”

Gardner Tours Premium Cuba Cigar Tour Two friends smoking cigars and enjoying the view as they hang over the railing at the Viewpoint over Viñales Valley in Cuba

Cole F.

Premium Cuba Cigar Tour

“I had the time of my life! Our guide was very knowledgeable of the culture and introduced us to Havana and Viñales like I couldn’t have imagined....”

Gardner Tours Custom Cuba Tour Man Posing behind the wheel of a beautiful Classic Car in Havana Cuba

Jim P.

Classic Cuba Tour

“A fIrst class experience with memories of a lifetime! From the history tour, local connections, and my guide’s willingness to go the extra mile... the best of the best!”

Gardner Tours Premium Cuba Cigar Tour Man wearing a fedora leaning over the balcony in Old Havana as he smokes a Cuban Cigar

Chris C.

Premium Cuba Cigar Tour

“Wow what an amazing experience from start to finish! Total relaxation mode! I didn't have to worry about a single thing as Gardner Tours always had everything...”

Gardner Tours Premium Cuba Cigar Tour Latino man in a blue shirt and a white Panama Jack hat inspecting tobacco in a tobacco house while he smokes a cigar in Vinales Cuba

Juan H.

Premium Cuba Cigar Tour

“It was the best experience EVER! Going to Cuba was one of my dreams and I couldn't have chosen a better tour company to make it happen...”

Gardner Tours Custom Cuba Tours Father and Son enjoy a cigar at the colorful Antojos Restaurant in Old Havana Cuba

John & Nick S.

Custom Havana Weekend Tour

“I knew immediately that our guide had a love and passion for the culture, history of the people, and the country. I recommend Gardner Tours unreservedly...”

Gardner Tours Custom Cuba Tours Man poses with a Cuban Coffee Farmer as they roast coffee over and open fire in a hut

Eric N.

Custom Cuba Tour

“With 40 countries under my belt, I can say that the quality of tour including accommodations, food, cities and adventure options was outstanding....”

Gardner Tours The Best of Morocco Tour White Couple riding camels in the Sahara desert in Morocco

Charles & Kim C.

The Best of Morocco Tour

“Morocco was an experience we will never forget. Gardner Tours coordinated a wonderful experience and our local guides really let us experience...”

Gardner Tours Morocco Mountains Tour Man in red jacket and black pants hiking the High Atlas Mountains in Morocco

John S.

Morocco High Atlas Trek

The Atlas Mountains are a real adventure. You have to put a lot of effort in but it is worth it. If you love the mountains you will like this trip. The people are friendly, the food is very good, and the nature is...

Meet Our Team

Our team of tour guides are highly experienced and well educated, but most importantly, they love to serve their travelers! If there’s one thing we guarantee, it’s that our guides will care for you like family and deliver a unique and unforgettable experience!

Gardner Tours Owner and Tour Guide Colby Gardner talking about the Cathedral of Havana, behind him, in Old Havana, Cuba


Colby has guided 75+ travel groups around the globe since 2010 and has traveled and guided in over 35 countries. He specializes in...

Gardner Tours Cuban Tour Guide Michel wearing a blue shirt and sunglasses smiles in the street of Old Havana, Cuba


Michel is a man of great information and loves telling the stories of his people. He has been a professional guide in Cuba for many years and everyone enjoys...

Gardner Tours Cuban Tour Guide Yunior wearing an orange shirt smiles big and poses for a photo


Yunior, pronounced 'Junior', is a native Cuban who loves introducing people to his country. He is a family man, happily married with four beautiful children...

Gardner Tours Cuban Tour Guide Carlos Smiling in the Streets of Old Havana, Cuba


Carlos has worked in tourism for over 10 years and it's clear that he enjoys serving his travelers. He's a quirky guy with a great sense of humor, so it's...

Gardner Tours Cuba Tours Cuban Tour Guide Albert Wearing Black Hat and Sunglasses and looking out over the Viñales Valley in Cuba


Albert is as Cuban as it gets. He is funny, loves to laugh, and people know when he is in the room. He has a presence about him that people can't...

Gardner Tours Cuban Tour Guide Havana Chanel smiling at a rooftop bar and restaurant in Old Havana Cuba


Chanel is laid back and a great listener, she’s well educated on the history and culture of her country, and she's been to...

Gardner Tours Cuba Tours Cuban Tour Guide Camila wearing a brown shirt and smiling in front of El Templete in Plaza de Armas Old Havana Cuba


Camila is currently finishing her foreign language and tourism studies in Havana and it seems that she knows almost every detail about...

Gardner Tours Cuba Tours Cuban Tour Guide Zeydi wearing Sunglasses and a Blue Blouse with Black Under Shirt Smiling in the Topes de Collantes National Park


Zeydi is a native of Trinidad, Cuba, a mother of a beautiful little girl, a software engineer, and an amazingly detailed tour guide! She has...

Gardner Tours Cuban Tour Guide Yedi in Black Shirt Smiling Big


Yedi is a native of Havana. He is an eternal lover of his home country of Cuba and loves to visit new places. He currently lives in Havana and has...

Helping Cubans Make An Honest Living

Due to public knowledge that the national average income in Cuba is between $8 and $20 per month, many of our travelers ask what our guides are paid. In the spirit of being open and transparent, we are proud to inform you that all Gardner Tours guides start out at a minimum of $10 per hour and have opportunities to increase their pay from there. We believe that this presents a win-win situation for all involved! Our guides are incentivized to serve well and be more personal via an honorable income, our travelers receive outstanding service, and new travelers continue to request our services due to great reviews and a trusted reputation!

Thank you for trusting Gardner Tours to serve you well in your Cuba travels!

Meet Our Partners

Built on years of established trust, we only partner with those who deliver the best quality experiences, from comfort in accommodations to fine taste in cuisine, leaving you something to reminisce for years. Read on to learn about a few of our partners below…

Gardner Tours Best Restaurant in Cuba A view of the front porch of Restaurante el Cuajani in Vinales Cuba

Restaurante Cuajaní

Restaurante Cuajaní, led by a husband and wife team who have a taste for the finest cuisine and hospitality, proves itself as one of the top restaurants in Cuba. It’s highly likely that you’ll dine here on one of our tours.

Gardner Tours Michel Cuban Taxi Driver giving a thumbs up in his Red Classic Car

Michel The Cab Driver

Michel, one of our many drivers in Cuba, is a joy to cruise with! From his choice tunes, desire to perfect his English, and the cool air blowing from his dash, it’s guaranteed that you’ll be happy he’s driving you around.

Gardner Tours Custom Cuba Tours Casa Vieja Rooftop Restaurant in Old Havana, Cuba

Casa Vieja

Casa Vieja, a private restaurant, art gallery, and BnB in the heart of Old Havana, is a favorite stop among our travelers. From its rooftop breeze and tasty cuisine, we promise you’ll walk away wishing you hadn’t.

Gardner Tours Esto no es un Cafe Logo Inside the Restaurant in Old Havana, Cuba

Esto no es un Café

Esto no es un Café, situated in a famous alley, hosts thematic dishes as tribute to artists’ works around the world. Their mouth-watering cuisine combines international recipes with that of Cuban tradition.

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Featured On Kayak Travel Guides

Gardner Tours got an invite to be featured on the KAYAK Travel Guides for Cuba! We are honored to be among the few recognized companies found there! Visit the Havana, Cuba Travel Guide by clicking the image below.

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