Cuban Cigar Factory Excursion

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Duration: 2 hours

Number of Travelers: 1 Person

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Designed for curious travelers desiring a quick education on Cuba’s world famous cigars, this two hour Cigar Factory Excursion covers exactly what you need to know about how Cuban Cigars are made. Your privately arranged taxi will pick you up at your chosen time and location to transport you directly to the cigar factory without hassle. This excursion has no guide, which allows you more freedom to enjoy your time as you please. Directly after the cigar factory tour (about one hour), your driver will meet you at your communicated time to transport you back to your chosen location in Havana.

Book now to find out why Cuba’s cigars are world renowned on this independent Cigar Factory Excursion!

Gardner Tours Airplane Arriving over Blue Waters and Lush Lands in Havana, Cuba


After booking, you will receive an email with a detailed itinerary and excursion packet. Those documents will guide you through the entire process of preparation (purchasing flights, visas, packing list, etc), what your arrival will look like, the details of your excursion (duration), and how your departure will be handled.

Our team is committed to serve you with the utmost hospitality, so we are honored to serve you and ensure that you are prepared in the most comfortable way that suits you.

Be assured that if you need help, we will be here to personally guide each step of the way.

Gardner Tours Custom Cuba Tours Cuban Taxi Driver Michel driving his Classic Car in Havana Cuba


Based upon the time and pick-up location you choose for your Cigar Factory Excursion, your privately arranged taxi will pick you up to transport you directly to the cigar factory without hassle.

Following a quick meet and greet with your driver, you then take off to one of Havana’s most famous cigar factories!

It won't take long before you're seeing first-hand and learning all about the world of Cuba’s cigars!

Cuban men and women Rolling Cuban Cigars In Factory


Just before entering the factory, your driver will communicate with you the exact time and location that you will be picked up.

Once you have properly communicated with your driver, you will enter the cigar factory and ask for the next tour in your language (usually the wait is short) and show your cigar factory guide the ticket voucher your driver gave you.

Your cigar factory tour guide will teach you all about the process of what it takes to make fine Cuban cigars. You will view and learn about the entire process that the factory workers follow to turn a tobacco leaf into a cigar.

Cuban Tour Guide Waving while Riding with Clients in a Yellow Classic Car Convertible in Havana, Cuba


By the end of your Cigar Factory Excursion, it is likely that you will be ready to kick your feet back and relax a bit. Your private taxi driver may drop you off at your desired location in Havana, whether at your cruise ship, BnB, or a local restaurant.

A crisp box of Partagas Series E No. 2 Cuban Cigars in the perfect lighting

Step into a World Famous Cigar Factory

We take pride in providing the most comprehensive experiences for our travelers, even on our excursions (without a guide from our team). When you book this Cigar Factory Excursion, we set everything up for you to confidently enjoy the excursion.

You will get to see, first-hand, what goes on behind-the-scenes in one of Cuba’s world-famous cigar factories. You will learn all about the process that each leaf of tobacco undergoes to become a coveted cigar.

To top it off, you will even have the opportunity to light up a cigar during your tour if you please!

Gardner-Tours Custom Cuba Tours Woman Cindi Elder Driving Yellow Classic Car in Havana Cuba

No Guide, No Problem

Whether you're an independent traveler looking for some time alone or you want to make sure you get the best experience in Cuba without the need of a Gardner Tours guide, this is the right excursion for you!

All of our excursions provide reliable and private transportation, ticketing (when necessary), and get you where you want to go without hassle. You will be properly communicated with, escorted, dropped-off and picked-up by a trusted driver, and you will do it with full confidence, knowing that we will handle everything for you!

Group of Friends Smoking Cigars on Front Porch in Vinales, Cuba

A Perfect Private Experience for Your Group

Traveling with Gardner Tours means that you travel in private, no strangers! Each and every excursion and tour is tailored to you and your travel desires and needs. You will only travel with the people in your booking, allowing you to have the most amazing and memorable time possible in the setting that you choose with us!

There's nothing like traveling in your own private group and it is our honor to ensure that your time with us is world-class.

After all, we are a hospitality company!