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The Ice Cream Man Blog about a Woman Hearing what she thought was the "Call to Prayer"| Gardner Tours
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The Ice Cream Man

It was a bright and beautiful Thursday morning when I was guiding a walking tour throughout the narrow streets of Old Havana, Cuba. Our travelers were a dear couple from the northeast United States...

CubaUS Citizens Can Still Legally Travel to Cuba!

US Citizens Can Still Legally Travel to Cuba!

After carefully combing through all 36 pages of the new laws imposed by the US government, we are happy to answer your legal questions about traveling to Cuba...

CubaGardner Tours_Havana_Cuba_Old Havana Walking Tour with Family

Top 15 Tips for Traveling to Cuba

Cuba was just named the World's Top Trending Travel Destination of 2023! So here are our Top 15 Tips for Traveling to Cuba…

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My 5 Favorite Things About Being A Tour Guide

And if there’s one thing I know, it’s that everything sustainable we do is, or should be, based on relationship...