VIP Tours

Our VIP Tours are offered exclusively to our previous travelers and are designed regarding our upcoming destinations.

Long story short, we started asking a few important questions: 1) How can Gardner Tours grow with greater efficiency while maintaining the highest of quality? and 2) How can we create more recurring customers? After thinking on it and sifting through a few ideas, we decided to create Gardner Tours VIP.

When we have new VIP Tours available, we will update this page, but we will let you know via email and our private Facebook Group as well.

Who are these VIP Tours built for?

They are built for you, our previous travelers, extending you exclusive tours regarding our upcoming destinations. You may also invite your trusted friends and family. However, it’s your choice if you want to invite them or not. We think of it this way, if they are great enough for you to invite them on vacation with you, they are our people.

Why does Gardner Tours want you?

You trust us. And we trust you as our travelers. That is everything to us.

Will we travel with other Gardner Tours travelers?

Yes, you will travel with some of our favorite people, but remember that you all have that one thing in common: you have all traveled with Gardner Tours before. Note: VIP Tours are not private tours like our other tours that we offer (for example: Cuba or Guatemala). These VIP Tours are designed to help us grow to new destinations and for you to have some fun at a lower cost while traveling with a few new friends!

Why book a VIP Tour?

  1. It’s a bit of an adventure yet you still get comfort.
  2. It’s less expensive yet still to the high Gardner Tours standard.
  3. Because you would get to do it first!

How does Gardner Tours want your help?

You will take these tours and get to help us hone our new itineraries to make our upcoming destinations greater! We will ask for your input and consider it as we finalize our itineraries for their release here, on our website.

What type of VIP Tours will be offered?

Colby Gardner, our owner, traveled to about 40 countries and have spent at least a month in most of them. However, most of my experience in those countries was not in the hospitality / travel industry. Thus, we want more experience before we officially release our highly hospitable tours to the public. With the experience and great relationships that I have in many destinations, the plan is to start with Morocco, Nicaragua, The Bahamas, Puerto Rico, and move from there on to some of our more exotic destinations like Peru or even spending time with a remote tribe in the Amazon.

How does it work?

We have traveled in most of our upcoming VIP Tour destinations, but we simply want your help to get more experience and to build top-notch tours. As always, we do the groundwork for each destination and tour. We build the itineraries as best we can to what we think the final draft will be, and arrange everything like normal. We will price the VIP Tours lower, simply to help us cover cost. When ready, we will set the tour dates (unlike our released tours where you choose your travel dates), notify you via email and our Facebook Group, and if you desire, you book directly with us. Remember, no one knows about this but you, and you only invite those who you think would be amazing travel partners.

Please contact us if you have more questions!

Our first VIP Tour will be to Morocco in July of 2022!


Morocco holds one of the only truly free people left in the world today. On this Morocco VIP Tour, you will experience it all, from the nomadic Berber people to ancient Roman civilizations, all the way to modern day Moroccan culture.

This 10 day / 9 night tour will begin in Casablanca and finish in Marrakech. It is filled with many adventures throughout the country and even a night in a Bedouin-style tent after riding camels deep into the Sahara Dessert!

Morocco Tour Dates

Begin on Friday, July 15, 2022 in Casablanca

End on Sunday, July 24, 2022 in Marrakech

For more information, read below or click here if using a mobile device.

Book this Morocco VIP Tour

Tour Cost: $1,549 USD

The final day to book is May 1, 2022.

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