riding in a classic car tour in Havana, Cuba

Colby has guided over 60 travel groups around the globe since 2010 and has traveled/guided in over 35 countries. He specializes in Cuba, Nicaragua, Guatemala, and Spain, and is always seeking to learn more and establish partnerships in new destinations.

Colby learned his hard-working family values growing up on his family’s farm in Texas, and developed a love for history from his father, a retired history teacher. He started his travels serving in over 35 different countries developing relationships with multiple people groups from all walks of life as a Christian missionary and ended up spending most of his time in Cuba and Nicaragua. He has a quirky sense of humor, loves to tell stories, speaks four languages with English & Spanish being his most proficient, and simply enjoys being with people. Colby manages all of our logistics, setup, and development as well as guides many of our tours.

Languages: English, Spanish