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Premium Cuba Cigar Experience

Designed for cigar enthusiasts seeking the most authentic Cuban tobacco experience, this 7 day / 6 night Premium Cuba Cigar Tour covers everything you need to know about Cuban tobacco. On this tour, you will tour a world famous cigar factory, dine at Cuba’s finest restaurants, tour the city in a classic car, learn about Cuba’s classic history on an Old Havana Walking Tour, learn how to make Cuban cocktails, experience Havana’s nightlife at numerous venues, enjoy a fabulous meal, premium cigars, and drinks at a private venue, become a Cuban domino extraordinaire, tour multiple indigenous caves, learn the heart of the tobacco and coffee trade from Cuba’s local farmers, and much more. You’ll experience Cuba’s rich history, sweet-natured people, mouth-watering cuisine, unique nature, and its world famous tobacco and coffee like never before. Your professional guide will accompany you the entire way, with three nights in awe-inspiring Havana and three nights in the jaw-dropping Viñales Valley. On this tour, it’s guaranteed that you will experience Cuban culture at its best and gain a true understanding, from experience, what this island, “frozen in time”, was like in its early years.

Is the mystery of Cuban tobacco true? Book now to find out on this unforgettable Premium Cigar Tour!

Upon Your Arrival At Airport

  • Professional Guide
  • All Transportation
  • Accommodations at BnB*
  • Breakfasts (6) & Dinners (6)
  • Three Nights in Havana
  • Three Nights in Viñales
  • Classic Car Tour (convertible)
  • Old Havana Walking Tour
  • Private Cigar & Rum Experience
  • Cigar Factory Tour**
  • Cuban Cocktail Lesson + Drinks
  • Dinner & Cigars with Live Jazz***
  • Panoramic View of Viñales Valley
  • Two Award-Winning Tobacco Farm Tours****
  • Cuban Coffee Experience*****
  • Indian Cave Tour
  • Cuban Dominoes Experience
  • 10 Premium Cuban Cigars******
  • Professional Photography + Photos
  • Detailed Itinerary & Tour Packet
  • Seasonal Packing List
  • Emergency Support

  • Airfare
  • Cuban Visa
  • Lunch
  • Alcoholic Drinks
  • Tips

  • A detailed, seasonal packing list will be provided to you after booking.

What to Expect on Your Tour

On this Premium Cigar Tour, you will begin and end at the José Martí International Airport in Havana. You can expect your complete itinerary from transportation, accommodations, private tours/experiences, and meals to be previously arranged and paid for by your guide. You will be accompanied the entire tour by a Gardner Tours professional guide, educated on Cuban culture, history, tobacco, coffee, etc, and all we require of you is to simply enjoy yourself! In the event that something changes or doesn’t go exactly as planned, please be patient and courteous, as it is our guarantee that our guides will handle any challenges with timely grace to ensure that you are taken care of and that you get the authentic Cuban experience you desire.

Premium Cuba Cigar Tour Accommodations

*Your accommodations will be at a Cuban BnB equipped with air-conditioner as well as a private bathroom. Each of our accommodation partners provide private rooms with a full bed and a twin bed, and can occupy up to three persons per room. If you desire to share a room with your travel companions (up to three persons per room), please specify in the details of your booking.

Cuban Cigar Factory

**Cigar Factories in Cuba are closed on the weekends as well as two longer holidays during the year. If you happen to book during these times, it is our guarantee that you will get to experience the same education and cigar rolling experience.

Cuban Cigar Event with Roller

***With groups of 30 or more travelers, on the night of Dinner & Cigars with Live Jazz, we will add a professional cigar roller and turn the night into a full-blown cigar event. In the event that your group is 30 travelers or larger, the private cigar event will include a four course meal, three shots of premium Cuban rum, two cigars rolled by a renowned Cuban cigar roller, and some of Cuba’s best jazz in one of the nicest establishments in Havana!

Cuba Tobacco Season

****Tobacco season in Cuba is during the dry season, with planting season starting in late-October and harvest season from January to early-April. If you happen to book outside of these months, know that you might see barren lands, but it is our guarantee that you will experience the same education and tobacco experience as if you were visiting in-season. You might not get to witness the acts of planting or harvest, but you will definitely encounter the world’s greatest tobacco culture at work.

Cuban Coffee Harvest

*****Coffee harvest in Cuba is during the part of the dry season, from September to January. If you book in these months, you might even get to help in harvest! However, if you happen to book from February to August, know that you might see barren coffee plants, but it is our guarantee that you will experience the same education and coffee experience as if you were visiting in-season. You might not get to witness the acts of harvest, but you will definitely encounter one of the world’s greatest coffee cultures at work.

Premium Cuban Cigars

******On our Premium Cigar Tours, we want you to learn not only about the tobacco culture in Cuba, but we also want you to truly experience their cigars. Thus, we are excited to provide you a Premium Cuban Cigar for each experience during your tour–that’s ten different Cuban cigars! You will learn about each cigar from shape, length, taste, ring, history, etc, and you will walk away with a more experienced pallet while also knowing what you may want to purchase on your way home.

Your Tour Guide

Each of our guides are well versed in their culture and able to answer almost any question you may have for them! You will have complete freedom to take your tour at the pace you please, deciding to sit and enjoy the view as long as you desire, asking the tobacco farmer as many questions as you want, or simply enjoying your dinner just a little longer than you normally would. Your guide will give you time and space to enjoy your lunch each day as you like (with or without them). They meet you at the arranged time each morning to begin your day and will drop you off at your BnB each night. They will serve you along the way and ensure that you are well taken care of during your entire stay.

Our Guarantee To You

Gardner Tours is committed to delivering you the most professional, hospitable, and entertaining tours offered in Cuba! If you have questions or would like to adjust this tour in any way, feel free to contact us and we will gladly accommodate your desires.

Day One: Arrival in Havana & Classic Car Tour

Based upon the time your flight arrives to José Martí International Airport in Havana, your professional guide will be waiting for you at your final customs exit. Following a quick meet and greet, you will ride into Old Havana, get settled into your BnB, then kick your tour off with a bang on a two-hour Classic Car Tour of the city! You will visit Havana’s most remarkable sites such as the Christ Statue overlooking the city, the Morro Castle, Revolution Square, the Capitol, the Vedado neighborhood, and finish with a breezy cruise down the Malecón (seawall) at sunset. After your classic car tour, you will be dropped off at our favorite restaurant in the city to experience their mouth-watering cuisine and the live music that the alley offers! If you choose, your guide will drop you off at your BnB after dinner. If you desire to explore the nightlife of Old Havana, you will be free to do so.

Day Two: Cuban History & Culture

At the arranged time you choose, your professional guide will meet you at your BnB to begin your day. You will receive a completely comprehensive education on Cuban culture, history, folklore, and much more on an Old Havana Walking Tour. You will be walked through the city to learn of and visit some of its most historic and romantic sites like the Castle of the Royal Force, Plaza Vieja, the Havana Cathedral, La Bodeguita del Medio (one of Hemingway’s hangout), and so much more. You will meet local artists at their shops and might even bump into a few of Havana’s personalities. Who knows, you might even find yourself dancing to traditional Cuban music with locals in the street! Your Old Havana Walking Tour will begin in the morning in the oldest part of the city, and following lunch at the location of your choice (your guide can give recommendations), you will complete the walking tour in the Capitol Area visiting locations like an artisan’s market, Central Park, the Capitol, the Original Partagas Cigar Factory, and the Museum of the Revolution among others.

After your walking tour is complete, you will have the time and freedom to rest and clean up before dinner if you so choose. For dinner, your guide will take you to one of our favorite places, a quiet and private rooftop restaurant in the thick of the city. This restaurant was originally a home constructed in the mid-1800s and now serves as a restaurant, art gallery, and BnB. This is the perfect opportunity to sit back, relax, and enjoy your company. Following your amazing dinner, you will be escorted to a little-known wine and cigar bar just across from the Capitol for an education and experience with Cuban cigars, rum, and coffee (one cigar, one shot of rum, and one coffee included). It doesn’t get any better than this as you wind down your first full day in Havana. After the cigar and rum experience, your guide will drop you off at your BnB if you so choose. If you desire to further explore the nightlife of Old Havana, you will be free to do so.

Day Three: Classic Havana & Cigar Event

Day three will be icing on the cake with a Cigar Factory Tour, Cuban Cocktail Lesson (includes a minimum of one drink), time to purchase more souvenirs, and an incredible dinner while enjoying cigars, drinks, and live jazz at a private venue!

Again, your guide will meet you at your chosen time in the morning, then you will be transported to one of Havana’s famous cigar factories to receive a complete education on the process of Cuba’s world-renowned tobacco!

Following your visit to the cigar factory and Habanos store, you will be transported back to Old Havana for lunch at the restaurant of your choice (your guide can give recommendations). After taking lunch, you may have a time of rest if you please, then you will get a private lesson on how to make Cuban cocktails!

Just before dinner, you will take time to clean up and put your Cuban best on to experience one of the best nights you will have in Cuba, an incredible dinner, and enjoy cigars and drinks with live jazz at a private venue! The private evening includes a four course dinner, a shot of premium Cuban rum, a premium Cuban cigar, and some of Cuba’s best jazz! Following, you may want to explore more of Havana’s night-life on your final night, but if not, your guide will escort you to your BnB.

Day Four: Farewell Havana, Hello Viñales!

After breakfast, at a predetermined time, you will take off for Viñales in a private car. After your arrival, you will get settled into your BnB, then walk into town for lunch at a restaurant of your choice on the city’s main street!

You will then have the opportunity to kick back and rest a bit as you get acclimated to the slow pace of Viñales. Following, you will be transported to what many claim as the best view in all of Cuba, a panoramic view of the Viñales Valley. It is there that you may enjoy a fine Cuban cigar and a drink while looking out over the valley’s farms and mogotes (random mountainous formations in the valley), dreaming of what life was like as the natives roamed the land.

Following a time of relaxation and photographs at the viewpoint, you will be taken just a short walk away to a restaurant with one of the best views in all of Viñales. You will taste their exquisite cuisine and relax as you soak in the view and assume the slow-paced lifestyle of the campesino. And if you’re one to enjoy a Cuban cocktail, this restaurant places a bottle of rum on your table and simply explains, “Here is a bottle for your table, in case you would like to add more rum to your cocktail.”

After dinner, if you so choose, your guide will drop you off at your BnB. If you desire to explore the nightlife of Viñales, you will be free to do so.

Day Five: Award-Winning Tobacco Farms

At the arranged time you choose, your professional guide will meet you at your BnB to begin your day. First, you will be transported deeper into the province of Pinar del Rio to visit two famous tobacco farms. Your first stop will be at the Montesino Tobacco Farm, where they offer arguably the best hand rolled stick that you can pick up. You will get the opportunity to walk through the fields and get a first-hand account of what the entire process of Cuban tobacco undergoes from seed to stick. After your tour is the best part, where you will sit down with the owner and he will roll you a few cigars. Thereafter, you will light up, grab some coffee, and chat as long as you please.

After your tour for the tobacco farm, you will have the opportunity to eat either on the farm or wait until you get to the next. Whichever you choose, you will not need to put your cigar out but rather kick back and enjoy your lunch with the local farmers.

Following your lunch, you will then be transported to the Cave of the Indian, a relaxed tour, where you will encounter a performance by the natives, explore the insides of another great cave, and finish on a boat through the cave.

Once you’ve wound down the afternoon of dominoes with your new friends, you will be escorted to a great local restaurant in town where you will dine on classic Cuban cuisine like smoked pork, fresh-caught fish, shredded beef, or grilled chicken. After dinner, if you so choose, your guide will drop you off at your BnB. If you desire to explore the nightlife of Viñales, you will be free to do so.

Day Six: Coffee, Caves & Locals

At the arranged time you choose, your professional guide will meet you at your BnB to begin your day. You will first be escorted to a local farm for an extensive education on Cuban coffee from a local farmer. There you will have the opportunity to learn the entire process that Cuban coffee undergoes from plant to espresso. Depending on the season and availability of coffee, you might even get to help in harvest and join in the process all the way from picking the beans to brewing your own espresso!

After the coffee experience, you will have the opportunity to eat lunch at a local restaurant. If you desire a more relaxed lunch, you can arrange to eat a home cooked meal at your BnB.

Following lunch, you will then be escorted to the Cave of the Indian. There you will take a short and relaxing tour, where you will encounter a performance by natives, explore the insides of Viñales’ most famous cave, and finish on a boat through the cave’s small river. Upon completion, you will return to your BnB where you will have the opportunity to light up a smoke and enjoy the company of locals as they teach you how to play Cuban dominoes. This just might be the most incredible experience you have with the locals. You will not only get to know their favorite family game, but will learn about them, their families, culture, and might even learn some Cuban vernacular as you play along.

To finish your evening in the most immaculate style, after cleaning up, your private car will take you into the valley to a former tobacco farm that has been converted into an acclaimed restaurant manned by a Cuban chef that can’t be matched (he was trained by the King’s Chef in Spain). You will dine at what we claim is Cuba’s best restaurant and experience true Cuban hospitality and the fine food that comes with it! We can guarantee that this will be the best dining experience that you will have in all of Cuba. The view, the hospitality, the cuisine, and the atmosphere simply can’t be beat.

If you choose, after dinner, your guide will drop you off at your BnB to relax as you wind down your evening. If you decide to explore the nightlife of Viñales on your final night in Cuba, you will be free to do so.

Day Seven: Final Taste & Departure

Depending on the departure time of your flight, you might have the opportunity to relax and enjoy your last few hours in Viñales. If so, you will have time to purchase any last-minute souvenirs from local artisans and/or take those photos that you may have missed. At the appointed time, you will be picked up by your private taxi, escorted directly to the José Martí International Airport, and dropped off three to four hours prior to your departure for an ample amount of time to purchase any last-minute souvenirs, check your bags, go through security and customs, and arrive at your gate for a safe flight home.

Our Guarantee

Gardner Tours is committed to delivering you the most professional, comprehensive, and entertaining tours offered in Cuba! If you have questions or would like to adjust this tour in any way, feel free to contact us and we will gladly accommodate your desires.

On this tour, you will experience the best of both worlds in Cuba, the thriving city of Havana and the slow-paced country town of Viñales. Havana, the colorful capital of Cuba, is a vibrant and bustling city full of architectural, cultural, and head-turning gems that spark an inviting curiosity within its travelers. Founded in 1519, Havana remains the economic, political, cultural and social hub of this rich island nation. Everything within this UNESCO World Heritage Site, from the classic cars to its world-famous cigars and living folklore beckons the explorer in you to come alive. Also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Viñales Valley lies in the province of Pinar del Río, the tobacco metropolis of Cuba. Viñales is a colorful, laid-back, culture-rich town that draws visitors from around the world to experience its jaw-dropping nature, easy-going pace, and of course, its world famous tobacco and coffee. From the mountainous valley to tobacco fields, local farmers, and colorful homes that line the streets, this is one area of the island that you can't afford to miss. Everything within the Viñales Valley is so welcoming and warm that you just might decide to stay, or return again and again!

11 Reviews

  1. Stacy T.
    10:46 pm - February 14, 2019 / Reply

    My husband & I (and a group of friends) went with Gardner Tours to Cuba for a week on this tour & we had an amazing time. I highly recommend booking your trip with Gardner Tours so that all you have to do is show up & relax! Let the take care of the details, they will ensure you see & do everything you want.

    1. Colby Gardner
      11:26 pm - February 14, 2019 / Reply

      Thank you Stacy! It was great serving you guys!

  2. Cole F.
    10:52 pm - February 14, 2019 / Reply

    I went on a Cuba Cigar Tour with Gardner Tours in February 2018 and I had the time of my life! Our guide, Colby, was very knowledgeable of the culture and introduced us to Havana and Viñales like I couldn’t have imagine. He knew the best places to visit, was educated on Cuban history, knew people all over, and had amazing partners with restaurants, BnBs (our BnB was awesome), and other services. Gardner Tours provided amazing experiences along the tour like a classic car tour, tobacco farm tour, cigar factory tour, Old Havana walking tour, etc. I had a blast and actually can’t wait to go back!

    1. Colby Gardner
      11:25 pm - February 14, 2019 / Reply

      Thank you, Cole! You were a blast to serve in Cuba! Thanks for being so amazingly laid back and fun to be around!

  3. Juan H.
    10:54 pm - February 14, 2019 / Reply

    I’ve always wanted to go to Cuba. It was one of my dreams and my dream finally came true and I couldn’t have chosen a better tour company to make it happen! I went on a Cuba Cigar Tour and it was the best experience ever! For the Havana portion of the tour, our guide, Colby, took us to the most amazing places like the best restaurants, historic sites, bars, etc. Viñales was fantastic! We got to visit a tobacco farm and experience all of the details of Cuban tobacco. We even got to see a farmer roll a cigar! We went horseback riding too! Thank you, Gardner Tours for the amazing experience in Cuba! I highly recommend Gardner Tours for anything you want to do in Cuba!

    1. Colby Gardner
      11:24 pm - February 14, 2019 / Reply

      Thank you for your kind review, Juan! We hope you come back soon!

  4. Charlie G.
    10:55 pm - February 14, 2019 / Reply

    The Cigar Tour fulfilled all of my expectations and everything I dreamt of seeing and experiencing, I saw! I highly recommend using Gardner Tours for your visit to Cuba!

    1. Colby Gardner
      11:24 pm - February 14, 2019 / Reply

      Thank you, Charlie! We are glad you had a wonderful experience!

  5. Jeff B.
    1:42 am - March 30, 2019 / Reply

    I simply can’t say enough about what a fantastic time I had on Gardner tours 6 day Premium Cigar Tour. The itinerary was perfect with three days in old town Havana and 3 days in Vinales; the flow was laid back and I never felt rushed or that I missed something. My accommodations at the private B&B’s were fantastic as was all the private restaurants we dinned at; THE FOOD IS FANTASTIC! I was totally impressed with Colby’s proficiency in Spanish , his knowledge of Cuban culture, history and of course, his knowledge of Cuba cigars! It was a perfect trip!

    Oh, Colby is an excellent photographer and takes care of all pictures on the trip. It was nice not having to fool with a cell phone camera!

    1. Colby Gardner
      8:29 pm - March 30, 2019 / Reply

      Wow, Jeff. We are honored. We are honored to receive your gracious and kind review. Thank you for taking the time to leave this detailed and well thought-out review. We hope to serve you and your friends again someday!

  6. Chris G.
    10:43 pm - April 17, 2019 / Reply

    Words can’t describe this trip. It was incredible! The events, the food, the people……I can’t pick a favorite. It was a very well rounded trip that would appeal to everyone. I WILL be returning!!!

    1. Colby Gardner
      10:44 pm - April 17, 2019 / Reply

      Thank you, Chris! It was a great week serving you guys! Thanks for booking our Premium Cigar Tour! And see you soon.

  7. Mike C.
    1:50 pm - April 18, 2019 / Reply

    Man! I had great time in Cuba. Havana was amazing. Viñales was beautiful. Old cars, good full, breath taking scenery and Cuban cigars. Of course, we had the best guide, too. Colby was incredible. His restaurant choices and meal recommendations were spot on. The accommodations were solid and close to everything we wanted to do. He took care of tours, taxis, water, internet cards. He was inexhaustible. Plus, he is fun guy and guide. Gardner Tours is the way to go!

    1. Colby Gardner
      1:50 pm - April 18, 2019 / Reply

      Thank you, Mike! It was great to have you!

  8. Chris C.
    9:02 pm - March 6, 2020 / Reply

    Just finished a 7 day premium cigar tour with Gardener Tours. Wow what an amazing experience from start to finish!!! From the lively streets and classic cars of Havana to the quaint and relaxing time offered in the countryside of Vinales.

    My vacation wouldn’t of have been possible of course without Colby and his team of local contacts and guides. They were all honest, detail oriented, highly knowledgeable, and reliable. From the time I arrived at the airport until said goodbye, Colby was there every step of the way. I didn’t have to worry about a single thing as he always had accommodations, transportation, activities, and good restaurants already planned. I didn’t even have to worry about getting the best pictures, as Colby takes photos of you, the group, and the amazing places you visit with his professional camera! Total relaxation mode!!!

    Colby’s knowledge of Cuba, it’s history, and it’s people was also impressive. It helped to paint a picture of how the country developed from its discovery to modern day as well as the hard working, resilient people of this country.

    I hope to visit Cuba again in the near future as well as join the other tours offered by Colby. I wouldn’t hesitate one bit and plan on referring my friends to Gardener Tours. You’re in good hands with this team, and they make sure to fulfill all your travel needs and desires. Thank you again Colby to you and your team for an absolutely amazing time!!!!!

    1. Colby Gardner
      9:03 pm - March 6, 2020 / Reply

      Wow, Chris. First, thank you for your thorough and thoughtful review. Second, it was an incredible time for us as well, getting to know you and ensuring that your tour of Cuba was as best as it could be. Thank you for trusting us with your holiday in Cuba. We do hope to see and serve you again sometime soon!

  9. Charles C.
    3:58 pm - March 25, 2022 / Reply

    My buddy and I just got home from going on a Premium Cuba Cigar Tour with Gardner Tours. The experience was incredible. Colby guided us through the entire process of booking the trip. He helped us choose the right time of year to see the tobacco farms, gave advice on purchasing plane tickets, helped us get our visas, and kept us up to date on COVID travel regulations.

    He was waiting for us at the airport in Havana when we arrived and picked us up in a classic convertible. Once we got checked in and situated in our B&B he showed us all around Havana and shared stories of its 500 year history. We spent three days in Havana seeing the sights, eating delicious food, enjoying drinks, and smoking cigars.

    A few days into the trip we left Havana and traveled to Vinales in western Cuba. We continued to eat delicious food, enjoy plenty of drinks, and smoke lots of cigars while taking in some of the most beautiful views I’ve ever seen. The pace of the little town was slow and you could not help but relax. We toured two tobacco farms, a coffee farm, and went on an awesome hike through the valley to a cave where we went swimming. We spent the evenings relaxing on the porch playing dominoes, smoking cigars, and laughing. The most stressful decision of the trip was deciding which cigar I wanted to smoke next!

    I can’t recommend Gardner Tours enough to anyone who wants to relax and enjoy a great time in Cuba.

    1. Colby Gardner
      3:59 pm - March 25, 2022 / Reply

      Wow. Charles, we are humbled by your review. Thank you for taking the time to review us and for trusting us with your travels in Cuba! We hope to serve y’all in one of our other destinations soon.

  10. Mark V.
    10:11 pm - February 13, 2023 / Reply

    WOW! What a way to experience Cuba. We just completed a weeklong adventure with Colby of Gardner Tours. We did the “Premium Cuba Cigar Tour”. The trip was excellent from the beginning to the end. It is obvious that Gardner Tours knows Cuba and Cuba knows Gardner Tours.

    Our host, Colby, has never met a stranger in Cuba. The connections he has made over the years, with the people and the places, made the trip awesome. We ran into other travel groups along the way and it was apparent that their guides (Host) were impressed with how Gardner Tours were able to open doors in Cuba that they have never been privy too.

    The accommodations that we selected in Havana, and Viñales were top class.

    In Havana we stayed at Villa Villegas. Our host were Laura and Jorge. They and their staff were wonderful. This location was right in the heart of Old Havana and provided easy walking access to the city.

    While in Viñales we stayed at Villa El Coral. Our host were Danay and Mario. Again, they and their staff made our stay very enjoyable. Mario provided much of our transportation while in Viñales. This location provided easy walking access to town.

    Our Gardner tour host procured some of Cuba’s finest dinning venues. Having never been to Cuba we had no idea what to expect. The restaurants and Clubs far exceeded our expectations. All rivaled many of the top trendy places of Atlanta, Georgia. We were never disappointed.

    Havana restaurants: Lo de Monik, Antojos, Sabrita and Buena Vista Curry Club.

    Viñales restaurants: Cubar, Resturant Buena Vista, Octuzar, El Olivo and saving the best for last, Cuba’s award winning dining experience at in Resturant El Cuajani. What a nice surprise.

    The description of the “Premium Cuba Cigar Tour” that is described on the Gardner Tour Website was, right on. No disappointments.

    Gardner Tours were able to accommodate our additional travel request.; A trip to the home of Ernest Hemingway and a night at the Tropicana- A must while in Havana.

    For anyone that has ever anticipated visiting Cuba, but not sure where to begin. You cannot go wrong booking with Gardner Tours. We will not hesitate to return to Cuba with Gardner Tours.

    We experienced Cuban culture, Cigars and Rum (RON) at its best. The people of Cuba are beautiful, resourceful, and resilient.

    Mark Van Tilburg – Georgia. USA

  11. Todd G.
    10:12 pm - February 13, 2023 / Reply

    With Gardner Tours, and Colby as our tour guide, his years of associations and friendships with drivers, innkeepers, restaurant owners, tobacco farmers, and coffee plantation made us feel like we were going to visit old friends as we were warmly welcomed by all. This was valuable as we didn’t just feel like a tourist but like we were a guest meeting new friends and people we want to see again next trip.


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