Passport with Cuban Visa and Cuban Money

How do I apply for a passport?

We get asked a lot, “Do I need a passport to travel with Gardner Tours?” The next question is always, “How do I apply for a passport?” Well, look no further. We will walk you through every step with the information provided here.

Note: As a US citizen, to legally travel to a foreign country, you must hold a valid and up-to-date US Passport. These days, it doesn’t matter if you cross the border into Canada, you must have a valid US Passport. Likewise, for all Gardner Tours destinations, you must hold a valid passport in order to travel. Don’t worry, the process is easy! Whether you are applying for your first passport or need to renew, simply follow this US government-approved link and complete the steps within or simply click the buttons depending on your passport needs…

If you are in need of help or have any questions whatsoever, please contact us.

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