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Havana Day Experience

Designed for travelers looking to get the most of Havana in one day, this Havana Day Tour delivers a truly authentic Cuban experience with an Old Havana Walking Tour, dining at one of Havana’s finest restaurants, and a two-hour Classic Car Tour! On this tour, your professional guide will introduce you to Havana’s great history, cuisine, rich arts, and folklore. You will discover a vibrant and bustling city full of architectural, cultural, and head-turning gems that spark an inviting curiosity within its travelers. You will also visit Havana’s most remarkable sites such as El Morro Castle, Revolution Square, the Capitol, the famous Plaza de Armas, and finish with a breezy drive down the Malecón in a classic car. Your guide will teach you about Havana’s rocky history and ensure that you experience how it has evolved over the last five centuries into a modern city with a remarkably laid-back vibe.

Book now to uncover Havana’s best-kept secrets on this unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime Havana Day Tour!


Between 8:00AM and 9:30AM – Your Choice

  • Professional Guide
  • Old Havana Walking Tour
  • Lunch at Private Restaurant
  • Time for Souvenir Shopping
  • Classic Car Tour (two hours)
  • Panoramic View of Havana
  • Visit El Morro Castle’s Park
  • Visit Revolution Square
  • Ride through Vedado & Malecón
  • Drop-off at Desired Location

  • Alcoholic Drinks
  • Tips

  • Walking Shoes
  • Light Clothing
  • Sunscreen
  • Camera
  • Water
  • Spending Cash

What to Expect on Your Tour

On this Havana Day Tour, you can expect your complete itinerary from transportation, ticketing, and meals to be previously arranged for you as you will be accompanied for the entire tour by a Gardner Tours professional guide who is fully educated on Cuban culture, history, and is eager to serve you. All we ask of you is to simply enjoy yourself! In the event that something changes or doesn’t go as planned, please be patient and courteous, as it is our guarantee that our guides will handle any challenges with timely grace. In the event that something changes or doesn’t go as planned, please be patient and courteous, as it is our guarantee that our guides will handle any challenges with timely grace. It is our goal to ensure that you are taken care of and that you receive the authentic Cuban experience you desire.

Your Tour Guide

Your guide will share historic and romantic stories of the locations you visit, ask you questions, and even challenge you with a visual scavenger hunt or two during your tour! Each of our guides are experienced and able to answer almost any question that you may have during your tour. Don’t worry, will have complete freedom to take your walking tour as slow or fast as you please, stopping as often as you like for a rest, a cold refreshment, or to peek your head into a souvenir shop. Your guide will serve you along the way and ensure that you are well taken care of. (We have had travelers up to 85 years old on our tours and even they did great!)

Our Guarantee To You

Gardner Tours is committed to delivering you the most professional, hospitable, and entertaining tours offered in Cuba! If you would like to adjust this tour in any way, please contact us so we may accommodate you.


Based upon the time you choose to begin your tour, you will meet your professional guide at the Plaza de Armas in front of the Carlos Manuel de Cespedes Statue. After a quick meet and greet and an overview of your tour, you will take off on a Walking Tour of Old Havana to uncover its best-kept secrets and monumental history.

Your professional guide will explain the history behind some of Havana’s greatest sites and share with you stories of great triumph and defeat in the country’s history. Along the way, you will learn about each side of the culture, from Cuba’s music (you might even get to dance with local artists in the street), to its many religions, and even its day to day struggles. On the morning portion of the walking tour you will see some of Havana’s most famous sites like the Plaza de Armas, the Castle of the Royal Force, the Palace of the Captain General, the Little Temple, the Malecón (seawall), the Christ Statue, the Morro Castle, the Old Plaza, some great head-scratching art pieces, the Plaza and Basilica/Convent of San Francisco de Asis, multiple monuments and statues of famous characters, the Plaza of the Cathedral, La Bodeguita del Medio (one of Hemingway’s hangouts), and many more.


Your lunch will be held at one of our favorite places in Old Havana, a private rooftop restaurant, to experience authentic Cuban cuisine. This restaurant was originally a home constructed in the mid-1800s and now serves as a restaurant, art gallery, and BnB. You will get the opportunity to experience a cool breeze on the rooftop as you sit back, relax, and take in Old Havana as you converse about your day with your guide and fellow travelers. This is often mentioned in our reviews as one of the favorite parts of the tour because of the uniqueness of our chosen location and the tastiness of the cuisine.


After a refreshing lunch, your guide will lead you back down into the bustling streets of Old Havana to complete your walking tour in the Capitol area. On your way to see the Central Park, the Grand Theatre of Havana, the Capitol, the original Partagas Cigar Factory, and a few other interesting gems, you will visit an Artisan’s Market to collect some unique souvenirs. If there is time, your guide might take you up to one of the best views in all of Old Havana. Be sure to request it if you desire.

There’s no better way to finish your Havana Day Tour than on a two-hour Classic Car Tour of the city, visiting Havana’s most amazing views and historical sites like Revolution Square, Cristo de la Habana (a Panoramic View of the City), El Morro Castle, Vedado, and ending the tour with a cruise down the Malecón (seawall). Note that after the tour, our drivers can drop you off at your desired location within Old Havana, whether at your cruise ship, BnB, or at a restaurant.

Our Guarantee

Gardner Tours is committed to delivering you the most professional, comprehensive, and entertaining tours offered in Cuba! If you have questions or would like to adjust this tour in any way, feel free to contact us and we will gladly accommodate your desires.

Havana, the colorful capital of Cuba, is a vibrant and bustling city full of architectural, cultural, and head-turning gems that spark an inviting curiosity within its travelers. Founded in 1519, Havana remains the economic, political, cultural and social hub of this rich island nation. Everything within this UNESCO World Heritage Site, from the classic cars to its world-famous cigars and living folklore beckons the explorer in you to come alive.

11 Reviews

  1. P. Orion
    9:11 pm - November 21, 2018 / Reply

    We took a 5 day cruise on Norwegian Cruise Line to Havana and then on to The Bahamas. Colby Gardner met the 8 in our group promptly at the location (near the port) and time we arranged. We toured Havana for the morning, checking out all the old squares, sea wall on the bay, and fortresses. All along the way we learned about the culture and historical references. Havana is quaint today but must have been a special jewel in the distant past. We walk enough to be able to interact with merchants, other visitors, and obviously those that call Havana home. Colby picked out a special roof top location for our group of 8 to eat lunch- The food was authentic and everyone enjoyed the time to relax a bit. It was a warm day and we all took on some much needed refrigerated water. Some had shrimp, some chicken,, I had the shredded beef (recommended by Colby – Thanks) ropa vieja -i think. The beans and rice were mucho gusto good. After lunch we went to an outdoor market and viewed some more sights. One of our last stops was to go to a store near the Capitol where we were able to pick some cigars and Havana Club rum.I’ll be enjoying those back in Texas with friends. The last part of the tour which Colby arranged for us was to ride in those vintage convertibles that you hear so much about. 4 of us were in a Purple 56 Chevy Bel Air. The others were in a hot red something. That was kind of cool. As we rode through Havana, down through the Tunel De La Habana to emerge on the other side of the bay, we saw the statue of Jesus Christ that looms over the bay an also the fort at the opening of the bay. We ended the tour back across the tunnel at the Plaza de la Revolución. Very interesting riding down Havana streets with 10-15 other vintage cars (like a screen straight out of happy days. We then were delivered directly at the port. Great tour, great time!

    1. Colby Gardner
      11:27 pm - February 14, 2019 / Reply

      Thank you so much for your kind and detailed review! It was a joy to have you guys!

  2. Andrea B.
    10:57 pm - February 14, 2019 / Reply

    Sooo…a group of friends decided to go to on a cruise to Cuba. We were only going to be in Havana overnight, and we had selected an evening excursion (to fulfill the Visa requirement) but I knew I wanted to do something (other than what was offered from the cruise line) during the day. So I turned to my trusty Trip Advisor and I found great reviews for Gardner Tours.

    I sent Colby (owner) a message on Facebook, and asked if he did day tours because I had seen really blah reviews about the cigar and rum tours offered as excursions. He was super nice and got back with me very quickly and affirmed that he DID do day tours and we chatted back and forth about the process a bit, booked our reservation and boom, we were set.

    Not only did he check in with me as our trip was approaching, but he took my cell and called me the morning we were to meet, but greeted us with treats! Colby and his team are consummate professionals. He was extremely knowledgeable about Cuba and the culture, but he had relationships all over town that allowed us in spaces that every tourist could go. We had an amazing lunch in a private residence and took the must do Classic Car tour.

    I would ABSOLUTELY recommend Gardner Tours for any trip to Cuba (and anywhere else they tour!). There were 8 of us and we all had a blast. Book Gardner Tours!

    1. Colby Gardner
      11:24 pm - February 14, 2019 / Reply

      Wow. Thank you for this humbling review! It was wonderful to serve you guys! We hope to see you again someday!

  3. Michael J.
    11:05 pm - February 14, 2019 / Reply

    Colby was our tour guide through Havana which was the only day my wife and I were able to spend in the country. We were with 6 other friends. One of our party had researched and found his services available. The tour was extensive, exhausting and fantastic. With little time we were able to get a great understanding of the rich culture and history Cuba has to offer. At lunch we had beautiful roof top dining experience with excellent food and service. We traveled various locations most walking but also using the vintage cars we have all heard about in Cuba. The tour ended at the cigar factory where we were able to obtain our own cigars and rum. All arranged by Colby. He provided excellent historical information and answered many additional questions pertaining to the current culture and environment. I would strongly recommend his services and hope to return to the island soon to see more…all guided by Gardner Tours.

    1. Colby Gardner
      11:23 pm - February 14, 2019 / Reply

      Thank you, Michael! It was an absolutely amazing tour serving you guys!

  4. Sharon
    11:10 pm - February 14, 2019 / Reply

    Gardner Tours arranged a full day for our party of 8. We walked Old Havana, had lunch on a private rooftop, toured the city in classic cars, learned a lot of history and fell in love with the people of Cuba. Our guide, Colby, was detailed and courteous. We could not have asked for a better experience.

    1. Colby Gardner
      11:23 pm - February 14, 2019 / Reply

      Wow Sharon! Thank you! It was a blast serving you guys!

  5. Andre W.
    1:41 pm - April 18, 2019 / Reply

    Outstanding customer service! Knowledgeable and informative! Thoroughly planned out and meticulously carried out! We were very much happy with the experience and will tour with Gardner Tours again!

    1. Colby Gardner
      1:44 pm - April 18, 2019 / Reply

      Thank you, Andre! You were a pleasure to be around! We hope to see you guys again!

  6. Demethra O.
    1:42 pm - April 18, 2019 / Reply

    Colby, our tour guide, was knowledgeable. I enjoyed the mix of walking and riding tour. There was time for shopping and an authentic lunch. Definitely would recommend.

    1. Colby Gardner
      1:43 pm - April 18, 2019 / Reply

      Thank you, Demethra! We are glad y’all enjoyed your time!

  7. Ed M.
    8:13 pm - March 6, 2020 / Reply

    II absolutely loved the car tour! Touring around town in an old convertible was so cool. The walking tour was very informative and interesting as well. And our tour guides, Colby, Yunior, and Albert were the best!! So much fun and he knows Cuba and the people here so well. Loved it!!!

    1. Colby Gardner
      8:13 pm - March 6, 2020 / Reply

      Ed, thank you for your kind review! We sure did enjoy serving y’all! We hope to see y’all again someday!

  8. Marilyn N.
    8:15 pm - March 6, 2020 / Reply

    Our tour guides and tours were the best! I highly recommend Gardner Tours! The Classic Car Tour and Old Havana Historical Walking Tour were amazing!! I don’t usually go back to the same place twice, however, I will definitely come back to the island and use Gardner Tours!!! -Marilyn

    1. Colby Gardner
      8:15 pm - March 6, 2020 / Reply

      Marilyn, thank you for trusting us with your experience in Havana! We were so honored to serve y’all and can’t wait to receive you and your friends soon!

  9. Ricky H.
    8:35 pm - March 6, 2020 / Reply

    If you want the best possible tours of old Habana, look no further. The beautifully restored classic car tour of the City allowed a classic view from all angles. The walking tour brings you up close to the rich history the City has to offer. Doing both will give you the all around experience which draws people from all over the world!

    1. Colby Gardner
      8:37 pm - March 6, 2020 / Reply

      Ricky, thank you so much for your review! We were so honored to serve you guys! Hope to see you again sometime!

  10. Lauren U.
    8:42 pm - March 6, 2020 / Reply

    A few highlights of our time in Cuba included the classic car tour, where we got a great tour of the sights, and the downtown walking tour. On the classic car tour, we were excited to learn we weren’t walking to tour the cars, but the cars were taking us on the tour! Way more than we expected! The walking tour took us to four plazas, where Colby shared the history and folklore of each location, along with tidbits of local knowledge. Overall, we felt very safe and well taken care of on our trip to Cuba. Colby is extremely knowledgeable about the history and culture. An added bonus – he has connections with so many restaurant and hotel/b&b owners and knows the best locations!

    1. Colby Gardner
      8:44 pm - March 6, 2020 / Reply

      Wow, thank you for your kind review Lauren! You guys were a blast to serve! Thanks again!

  11. Valerie R.
    8:51 pm - March 6, 2020 / Reply

    Our trip to Cuba was fantastic from start to finish! Thanks to our travel guide, escort and translator, Colby Gardner of “Gardner Tours” and fellow guides and translators, Yunior and Albert, our Cuba experience was not only flawless, it far exceeded our expectations!
    We began with a thrilling tour of the best sights in Havana in some of the most pristine antique cars we’ve ever seen! With car tops down, we were driven through the part of Cuba we’d only seen in books! The statues! The spectacular architecture! The breathtaking views! And this was just day one!

    We also went on a walking tour through Old Havana as Colby explained the history of the buildings, the statues, the art and some of the homes.

    Colby and his “team”, Yunior and Albert, became, not just our guides but our dear friends. They carefully picked out restaurants that would deepen our true experience of the wonderful Cuban people, their food and their music!

    This is a trip we will never forget and I can honestly say, my husband and I left a piece of our hearts in Cuba!

    Thank you, Colby, Yunior and Albert for making us feel so welcome, for taking such good care of us and for an experience we’ll treasure always!

    1. Colby Gardner
      8:51 pm - March 6, 2020 / Reply

      Valerie, you are kind to go into so much detail in your review! We were so honored to serve y’all and had a blast doing so! We hope to see y’all again sometime!


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