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With rich history, classic culture, natural beauty, and turquoise waters, Cuba is packed with opportunities to chill out – or thrill out.

The island of Cuba boasts of what could be the richest culture in the western hemisphere. From its native history and jaw-dropping landscapes to it’s vibrant rhythms, world-famous cigars and perfectly-preserved classic cars, there’s simply so much to explore that travelers return again and again to breathe in the hope that this magnificent nation gives. You’ll experience the sounds of rumba and salsa in the streets at night, stroll past the vividly designed stained-glass arches, admire the gleaming classic cars, take in a cuisine that spices up the nation, and most of all, you’ll meet the warm and friendly Cuban people who are just as anxious to interact with you as you are to hear their stories and experience their culture first-hand!

Cuba’s travel opportunities differ greatly from those in other Latin American countries by offering less-traditional travel for the adventurous at heart. A Cuba trip provides an opportunity to explore this uniquely gorgeous and captivating land that has been closed to American tourists for over half a century.

Come explore Cuba with us and discover a culture that the world is so curious about!