Budgeting for Morocco


Although most everything will be included, depending on your booked tour, we recommend mapping out a personal budget for your lunches, alcoholic drinks, and souvenirs before departure. Even if you bring a debit or credit card, to be safe, we recommend you plan on preparing to use cash in most locations, as many local artisans and street vendors will only accept cash. If you plan for cash, spending money will be a breeze for you. Nonetheless, please budget according to your spending habits. You are free to bring as much cash money as you please. USD is widely accepted in Morocco with the exception of rural areas and like the aforementioned, some local artisans and street vendors. Depending on your home country, we recommend exchanging currency with your home bank before departure or at any international airport.

Remember, you will not need to budget for anything in the “Included” section of your booked tour description, nor the transportation to any of those experiences/excursions. You will only need to budget for the items found below that are not included in your tour.

International Flight

  • $800-$1450 from Canada & USA
  • €75-€350 from Europe

Lunch & Drinks

  • Restaurants: $5-$15 per meal
  • Water: $1 per bottle
  • Alcoholic Drinks: $3-$8 per drink on average

Extra Tours / Entertainment

  • Cooking Class or Food Experiences: $35-$70 per person
  • Entry to Museums & Galleries: FREE to $15 per person
  • Bike Rentals / Tours: $15-$35 per person per day

In-Country Transport

  • Airport Pickup / Drop-off: INCLUDED IN TOUR COST
  • In-Town Taxi: $3-$10 per trip (if you desire to explore on your own)


  • Baskets & Straw Bags: $10-$15 per bag
  • Lanterns: $20-$25 per small to medium lantern
  • Argon or Other Oils: $7-$20 for a medium to high quality bottle
  • Spices & Dried Goods: $1-$5 (based on 100 grams)
  • Leather Goods (bags, jackets, etc): $45-$250 depending on the item
  • Local Tea: $3-$7 per pound
  • Berber Carpets & Rugs: $30 to $1000s depending on the size and quality
  • Moroccan Scarf: $10-$30 depending on the size and quality
  • Small Wooden Items: $3-$15
  • Large Wooden Items (all hand-made tables, chess boards, chests): $500+
  • Ceramics: $5-$75 depending on the size and quality
  • T-Shirts: $5-$12
  • Postcards: $1 or less


We always recommend, as an encouragement to those serving you, that if you believe that those persons went out of their way to make your experience over-the-top, feel free to tip them. It is not required, but it is a good encouragement for them to continue to give 110% for their travelers. The amount of your tips depend on the combination of your budget/generosity and how well you feel they served you. If you have any questions regarding tipping or anything else, feel free to reach out to us before your departure.

  • Gardner Tours Guide
  • BnB Host / Butler: $5-$10 per day
  • Restaurants: usually 10% of total cost
  • Drivers: $5-$10 for long journeys
  • Experience Guides (Special Tour/Experience Guides): $5-$10

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